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We Bring In Tomorrow's Technology!

Our YouTube channel-name has changed

We have changed our channel name from "KamranAtWBITT" to "WBITT" . i.e. The channel URL is https://youtube.com/WBITT . All the video content is still there! 

Two more RHCAs in Pakistan

I am very pleased to share the news with you that two of my close friends have now achieved the "RedHat Certified Architect" certification. They are Sohail Riaz and Badi Ul Zaman. Congratulations to both of you!

As per my knowledge, Touqeer Hussain was the first RHCA with roots in Pakistan. Sohail Riaz is second and Badi Ul Zaman is third RHCA with roots in Pakistan!

RHCA - RedHat Certified Architect is the highest level in RedHat Certifications. The person holding RHCA absolutely knows his stuff. Those who are interested in doing it, can look at this article here, written by Major Hayden - another RHCA.

Pakistan's first open-source conference being held in Islamabad on 19th and 20th September 2015

OSFP (Open Source Foundation Pakistan) is holding Pakistan's first open-source conference in Islamabad, Pakistan on 19th and 20th of September. The conference (summit) website is http://opensourcesummit.pk/2015/  . Congratulations Babar Zahoor and his team for the efforts in arranging this conference. 

The news is a bit late, as I was too busy in managing several things happening around me, and could not update my website in time. If you find time on such short notice and if you can , then please do attend this conference.
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