CentOS 5.5 x86 64 Hypervisor Edition (Minimal)


CentOS 5.5 x86_64 Hypervisor Edition, is a customized/minimal version of Linux operating system, built by WBITT team, using CENTOS 5.5 x86_64 (64 bit) as base. It provides the bare essentials for setting up an efficient Virtualization platform, with any of the Hypervisors (XEN or KVM) to choose from, without compromising security, functionality or quality. It is a single CD image, which installs under three minutes, with a disk foot-print of about 700MB in total. Ideal for setting up physical servers, to be made part of a cloud, a virtualization cluster, or simply a standalone server. The CD has been updated to provide additional (64 bit) RPMs, providing Apache Web Server, MySQL DB Sever, PHP, Postfix Mail Server, etc. The same CD image can now be used  to set up web/mail/db servers on physical or virtual machines. Available free of cost at WBITT downloads section. Key features are: