• AutoSSH - The reverse tunnel for SSH

    Reverse tunnel for SSH, using autossh

    (Alternate title: How to access servers behind firewalls)

    Often times we can access a remote computer over the internet by using port-forwarding on the router. This is accomplished by forwarding / DNAT a port say 22, or 80 or 443 from the router to the server inside that network. Usually this is done for computers and servers running inside a home network. What if the router does not have port forwarding options? What if the internet service provider does not allow traffic to come to the public interface of their router, even if the router has port-forwarding / DNAT options available? In such a case, you would need to use a reverse SSH tunnel. This article helps understand and setup such a tunnel.

  • wbitt.com now runs as static site using Jekyll SSG


    Alhumdulillah, wbitt.com now runs as a static site - using Jekyll SSG.

    I started this project last year, with two of my apprentices. Unfortunately, I was stuck in too many problems at once and could not focus enough on this important project. But thanks to the people who helped me with this, this site is finally live as a static site.

  • Urdu/Hindi CBTs on Virtualization with KVM

    In 2018, I made few videos on Virtualization with KVM. They are available here: