Since I came to Saudia, I had been in lot of pain, because of the Internet related problems. I was forced to use internet through my mobile, by connecting it to my laptop with totally unwanted wintendoeXtra Pain operating system, using Nokia suite. I had tried Nokia 6630 and 3110 Classic to connect to Internet, both through windows and linux. I had no luck connecting it through linux, kppp. Everytime, I tried a connection, I got a error 16, saying pppd died unexpectedly. On my Nokia 3110 classic, I also used to get an error: “Subscribe to Packet data first”. It should be noted that I was able to use internet perfectly through the phone browsers and through Nokia PC suite on windows. Today, I stumbled upon an article, which used an extra initialization string. I have AlJawal prepaid service from STC on my phone. They provide a setting through SMS, which creates a profile named JAWALNET. Inside that configuration name, in more detail, I see Access Point name as “” . But in kppp, I was not able to find any screen / window, which would allow me to input the name of actual access point, which the phone internally uses. The extra initialization string I just mentioned solved my problem by specifying the name of access point. The string looks like this:


I defined this as initialization string 2 in my kppp modem configuration. I selected script based connection , instead of PAP/CHAP, because there is no username password any way. And by the way, I did not specify any script at all. Just select the script based connection option, under kppp accounts options . This solved the problem. So now my connection details looks like:-

Dialing number : *99***1#

(You can also use : *99# )

Connection method: Script based (with store password option enabled)

Init string 2: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””;

Kppp user: < blank >

Password : < blank >

By pressing connect, after these settings, on my nokia 3110 classic, I was instantly connected to the internet, through EDGE circuit. I am uploading this howto using the same connection.

By the way, my primary internet connection at home is from another mobile operator in Saudia, named “Mobily” , which I connect through my Nokia 6330 . I will update this howto, by finding out the name of access point in the mobile. When I do that, you just need to change the name of the access point in the init sctring 2 in kppp, and InshaAllah you will get connected.

Update: The name of access point for internet usage on Mobily network is “web2”. Simply replace “” with “web2” and You will get connected to internet through your Mobily connection.

Alhumdulillah, now I am back on my linux machine and connected to internet.

Ma’ ssalama, Kamran