To boot system with with out cdrom, network or any booting device. Just copy the ISO image on your linux server and perform the following steps.

[root@power ~]# mkdir /mnt/tmp

mount Iso image.

[root@power ~]# mount -o loop /data/fc4/FC4-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/tmp  
[root@power ~]# mkdir /boot/mylinux  
cp /mnt/tmp/isolinux/vmlinuz /boot/mylinux  
cp /mnt/tmp/isolinux/initrd.img /boot/mylinux/initrdMy.img  

then add following lines to /etc/grub.conf

title Fedora Core 4 Installer

root (hd0,0) <<------------ boot partition  
kernel /mylinux/vmlinuzMy  
initrd /mylinux/initrdMy.img