The CENTOS 5.5 x86_64 Hypervisor Edition CD has been updated to provide additional (64 bit) RPMs. In addition to the XEN and KVM hypervisors, and their related tools, the CD, now at revision 0.2, also provides essential pacakges needed to setup a web/database/mail server. The single CD solution will now take care of your physical and virtual machines. The following packages are added to this version:

  • Apache Web Server (with SSL)
  • MySQL DB Server
  • PHP
  • VSFTP Server
  • Postfix Mail Server
  • Dovecot POP/IMAP Server
  • xferstats, webalizer, spamassassin, squirrelmail
  • sysklogd and rsyslog

The ISO is available as free download at WBITT downloads section.