There are constant complaints that some of the videos at our downloads section, are not playing correctly in the browser window. And, some videos are not playing at all ! We want to clarify, that the videos (which are problematic) will play properly, if you download them to your local PC. There is always a download link right above the video you are trying to watch. This should help.

This problem exists only on the Google Docs / Sites. Apparently Google messes up the online version of the video file while trying to process it, such as some .ogv files. It is confusing to see that some .ogv files are playing correctly, and some are not. There are some file formats, which google does not understand at all, such as .ogg files. We have no direct control over it. The only solution at the moment, is to download the original version of the problematic video to your local PC, and play it from there.

VLC player should be able to play almost all types of the video files available at our downloads section