We (WBITT) are going commercial, with a lot of exciting products to offer! Expect a lot of changes in the website, in the coming days. The “free” content will either move to a free section on the same site, or to my other / non-commercial website http://techsnail.com. Most of your bookmarks will become invalid. So please keep visiting to keep up with the changes. TechSnail has capability of publishing comments against each article. You may find it very useful.

Update: The following components of wbitt are moved / are being move to: http://techsnail.com

  • Social articles, Tech Talk, HowTos [ MOVED ]

  • cooker.wbitt.com to cooker.techsnail.com [ MOVED ]

  • Photo gallery [ being moved ] to techsnail

  • Forums [ MOVED ]

  • CBTs [ MOVED ] to techsnail